sed·i·men·tal /ˌsedəˈmen(t)əl/ adjective - relating to gradual accumulation of sentiments.

I'm Mahmoud Hashemi. I write software and words in California.

This is my personal site, where I enjoy combining software and words into accessible-yet-thorough engineering guides. This habit has spilled over into numerous talks, appearances, as well as O'Reilly's Enterprise Software with Python.

When I'm not doing that, I make a lot of open-source software. I'm an avid Wikipedian, too. I really can't imagine such a thing as too much free culture!

Professionally, I've built software and led teams at PayPal, Shopkick, SimpleLegal, and Stripe. For a number of years I focused on Python frameworks, with emphasis on robustness, performance, and maintainability. These days I'm focused on building enterprise software products with those same characteristics. If you're interested in my Python background, check out this brief history.

If I have a theme song, it's SimCity 2000 music. Catch me whistling it when I think no one's around.

You can email me at mahmoud@hatnote.com, but most people just subscribe to the feed or follow me on Twitter.

If that's still not enough, you can find some of my older posts on the PayPal technology blog, and Python Does What?!.