Most blogs, like this one, are reverse-chronological, causing the first post to appear last in the archive. This convention makes a colophon the King's Pawn Game of web authorship; there's no better place to showcase certain implementation details than the first post of a blog.

This site is generated with Chert1, an open-source static site generator built with Python, Markdown2, ashes, pygments, and YAML. Chert is named for a very common fine-grained sedimentary rock, often referred to as flint, which has been of critical use to firestarters through the ages.

(Keep an eye out for a forthcoming, longer entry on why I built Chert and what makes it different.)

  1. English pronunciation rhymes with dirt, maintainer/Farsi pronunciation: chair with a t at the end. 

  2. Enhanced Markdown, including support for footnotes, definition lists, and tables of contents

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